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premium wordPress ThemesOne of the core’s of excellent search engine optimization is that content is king and that you cannot have too much content – so long as it is good content. However, anyone who is keen on analytics will know that only 20-25% of your pages actually draw significant traffic. Our leading collection of responsive WordPress themes premium.

Whether it is 20% or 50% is not relevant although the more pages you have, the more traffic you will receive. What is important is what you do with those pages that do draw the traffic. In effect, they are your ‘landing’ pages for any internet searches.

The pages that draw significant traffic need to be optimized carefully to encourage the visitor to complete the visit. If they are potential customers, you want them heading to your sales pages, or better yet, to your checkout. All pages should have a call to action; however your popular pages should be quite specific in that call to action. Using a template call to action across all pages could be a mistake and lead to lost sales.

Pages that draw significant traffic also have an important role to play in the sites overall SEO strategy. Having clear links to related content help to spread some of the link value to those pages. They also help to deliver traffic to pages that may help to close a sale or develop a lead.

Your top URL’s can also be leveraged to boost the optimization results of other pages. By interlinking pages you may find that search results pages show your top URL followed by an indented listing for an associated URL. This can be an invaluable asset in the search results.

Knowing which pages draw the most traffic can also help to refine your SEO strategies to further boost those pages ranking to deliver even more traffic. Leveraging your top URL’s is a smart move. Do you know which pages deliver the majority of visitors to your site?

Premium WordPress Themes – Hidden Treasures

Many web owners veer well away from stat packages such as AWStats or Google Analytics. They data can be confusing to the initiated. However, once you get an understanding of those stats you will see that often they hold real SEO treasures that can be used to increase your sites visitor numbers.

Keywords are always a problem. Which keywords should I use; how much competition is there for them; how many people are using those keywords? If you check your stats and AWStats if you have in on your server, or Google Analytics, both provide results based on keywords used to find your pages.

If check those results you will be surprised at what you find. Along with the keywords that you have optimized your site for will be search terms, particularly long tail, that are delivering significant amounts of traffic. If you take those search terms and work them into your long term search engine optimization strategy, you may find that more traffic is generated.

Search engines look at the search term and do a comparison with pages that have been indexed. If your content appears to satisfy that search term it will then have a good change to rank in the major search engines for that keyword phrase. The results are then published to the searcher. If you check through your pages you may find that certain terms have been used often enough that the search engines flag those terms as important (keywords or keyword phrases).

Use that accidental ranking by working those terms more frequently into your pages. Good SEO practices encourage the constant review of search terms used to find pages so that optimization can be tightened.

As a side note, there is also the problem of searchers finding your pages for the wrong reasons. Sometimes you need to go back to old pages and remove repeated phrases so they do not show up in the search results. The question is – is any visitor, even a wrong visitor, better than no visitor. If you are selling from your web pages, the answer has to be no. Your main goal should be trying to generate visitors that will lead to sales, generate leads or whatever your conversion metric might be.

Premium WordPress Themes – Product Review

For many of those out there who run their own online web business and cannot afford to put a server in house never mind actually manage it grind their teeth everyday hoping a melt does not take their computer and the data to the grave.

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Premium WordPress Themes – Web store

Search engine optimization comes in all shapes and sizes. For those who have great sites and products but with no option to sell ProStores has created the ability for all to sell. ProStores is a full service company that allows you to build your own web store without having to hire a design firm and a programmer to get things started for you.

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