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Premium WordPress Themes by 7ThemeEveryone’s talking about the hard times. Economically speaking, they’re getting rough. But does that change the name of the game? Is SEO out and social in? You’d think so with all of the talk about “getting social”. Premium WordPress Themes by 7Theme for your websites.

Here are a few reasons you might think search engine optimization is old hat and social media marketing is where it’s at:

  • Personalization
  • Universal search
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • All the gurus are saying so

But I’d like to add that one of the most popular social tools online now still relies heavily on SEO. I’m talking about blogging. Sure, you have trackbacks, pings, comments, SezWho, Disqus, and all those fancy gadgets. But try to write a blog post without any attention to SEO and see what you get. Even if you rely on semantic language optimization you are still optimizing your content for search. I don’t think we’ll ever completely give up optimization even if we go totally social. Do you?

Premium WordPress Themes – SEO And The Encroachment Of Social Media

Every day we hear more and more about social media management. Large companies are starting to hire social media managers to run their social media marketing campaigns. The danger is that marketers run the risk of forgetting about white hat search engine optimization.

Social media marketing is an effective form of marketing when done correctly, but it isn’t perfect. And measuring results from some social media alternatives is a bit tricky. SEM in general, however, is always trackable and the results are measurable. Plus, it’s free. Once you optimize your website you will never have to do it again aside from the periodic tweaks it takes to stay on top of latest changes in search engine policies. Good SEO goes beyond social media.

While social media marketing has benefits, a complete marketing plan must include SEO and the social media marketing should act as a support mechanism for your website’s optimization – not the other way around. The bottom line is, do what you have to do to market your business and its website, but don’t get stuck on mode of marketing. Use all kinds of marketing together to expand your message. Make your social media marketing work together with all other aspects of your online marketing.

Will Google Friend Connect Help With Your SEO? Google recently announced the social application that it has been promising for some time called Google Friend Connect. It allows for ordinary sites to become membership sites and make them more social. It seems that anyone can now have a social website – like Facebook or MySpace.

Google Friend Connect isn’t the first to come out with this service. Facebook beat them by a few days. And I know that Facebook profiles are very good at appearing on page 1 of the SERPs for the users. It makes me wonder if Google Friend Connect will be good for search engine optimization.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I mean, it would be really sad if it wasn’t. The No. 1 website offering a service to all webmasters everywhere without any SEO benefits. How cruel would that be? Anyway, I’m just waiting to see who puts Google Friend Connect to good use and report back the results. Is it good for search engine marketing? I think time will tell.

Premium WordPress Themes – Do You Have A Twitter Landing Page?

I heard of a good idea yesterday for you Twitter people. You know how your Twitter profile will only let you post 140 characters? Expand your profile by building a Twitter landing page on your website and link to it from your profile.

The benefits to doing this are two-fold:

  • Increased traffic to your website from Twitter
  • Increased followership on Twitter

If you optimize your landing page well for keywords related to your niche – not your name – then you’ll get additional search traffic to your Twitter landing page. You can even optimize it for Twitter related keywords in addition to your niche keywords. But the search traffic will help you build followers on your Twitter account. Make sure that you have a Twitter “Follow Me” button on your landing page.

If you are a good Twitterer then people will visit your profile page on Twitter before they follow you. They’ll click the link and see your landing page, which should give them more information about you than your Twitter profile can. Make it count because you can also give too much information and screw things up. A good example a Twitter landing page is this one by @Pistachio.

In summary, a Twitter landing page can lead to more visitors on your website, help with your search engine optimization efforts and generate more followers on Twitter.

Premium WordPress Themes – Does Social Bookmarking Matter?

Does social bookmarking make a difference to your web business. The short answer is “Yes.” But it makes a difference to different businesses in different ways. How you employ social bookmarking makes a huge difference in how your business grows. Here are some of the ways that social bookmarking can benefit your business:

  • Acquire new targeted traffic to your website
  • Build inbound links to your website
  • Promote your site to people who’d otherwise never see it
  • Can make an unpopular site popular overnight
  • Increase your RSS feed subscriptions
  • Attract new customers or clients

Will social bookmarking do all of these things for every client? No. Again, it makes a big difference how you approach your bookmarking. If you use only one social bookmarking site then you may see a few of these benefits, but not all of them. You may see some benefits in limited measure. StumbleUpon, for instance, is a great source of traffic for some webmasters, but it doesn’t provide a do-follow link so your link building efforts will be nil. Other social bookmarking sites, however, may very well provide you with an inbound link even though you won’t get much traffic. The question you must ask yourself is, “What benefit do I want to receive from my social bookmarking?”

As far as search engine optimization goes, the most important benefit is the link building benefit. In a previous post we listed social bookmarking sites that use do-follow links. If you are looking for inbound links then I recommend those sites, but if you are looking for increased traffic to your website then I’d stick with the most popular social bookmarking sites. If you want a combination of benefits then add them all to your daily routine. Keep in mind of course that social bookmarking can take up a lot of time. Spend your time wisely.